Whistle Pig PiggyBack Bourbon

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Seemingly every category of the beverage world has its champion, but some seem to tower a little higher above the rest. Such is the case with the late Dave Pickerell, without whom American Whiskey and craft distilling would simply not be where it is today. The Piggyback series is Dave’s homage to the bartending community, as both its Rye and Bourbon are designed specifically for cocktail use (though either makes for a fantastic drink on the rocks, too). Notes of rye, baking spices, tobacco, and leather permeate this 96- proof, 6-year pour. If you grab a bottle, be sure to check out the pig’s hat. All other Whistle Pig products see the classic top-hat used, but on the PiggyBack series the hog is wearing a Stetson hat as a nod to Dave.

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