Thibaud Boudignon Anjou Blanc

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Strict. That was the word to describe Thibaud Boudignon’s attitude when it came to introducing organic and biodynamic winemaking practices to Chateau Soucherie, the first Loire Valley estate with whom he would work following a stint in Burgundy working with Philipe Charlopin. And it was those practices that he put into high gear when first producing wine under his own name in 2009. This dry Chenin Blanc from 35-year-old vines is CLEAN, undergoing no malolactic fermentation and finished in large barrels, very few of which are new. A medium-plus body is interlaced between juicy green apple, pear, and the ethereal nature of rain-kissed rocks, making this the perfect accompaniment for a light summer salad, grilled-vegetables, or your next TACO TUESDAY!

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