The October BRIX Mix—Oaxacan Sunset

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The October BRIX Mix
"Oaxacan Sunset"
Fall may be in the air, but our hearts are holding on to summer. Mix up the best of both with the Oaxacan Sunset. Canned and crushable, kick the Bully Boy Amaro Spritz up a notch with a splash of Madre Mezcal and a drop of sweetened orange bitters. Fruity and savory with a hint of smoke, it's ideal for early autumn imbibing.  

The BRIX Mix "Oaxacan Sunset" includes a 200ml bottle of Madre Mezcal,  two Bully Boy Amaro Spritz cans, a bottle of Reagan's Orange Bitters, a bundle of sugar cubes,  and the BRIX Oaxacan Sunset recipe.

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