North Valley Vineyards 'Compass' Pinot Noir

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Bright, fresh, and even a bit playful, this North Valley Vineyards Compass Pinot Noir is brought to us by way of longtime friend of the shop and New England native, James Cahill, who leverages his 25+ years of Oregon winemaking experience to produce artfully crafted and honest wines that speak to the diversity of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This Compass bottling presents a lighter, fresher style with high-toned red fruit characteristics and a refreshing, highly approachable finish that makes it a perfect fit for any dinner gathering or charcuterie hour. A treat to taste side by side with any other Pinot Noir in the North Valley lineup, this wine showcases just how much wonderful variance there can be in style in the Willamette Valley.

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