Sip & Tell Tasting Series—Pinot Noir Passport

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BRIX South End
Tuesday, April 23rd
6:00 to 7:00 pm

Grab your suitcase and get ready to travel across the world as we explore one of the most famous noble grapes, Pinot Noir. Join us as we taste Pinot from four corners of the globe and learn how the soil and environment can impact this grape’s character.

Our Sip & Tell Tasting Series in the South End is a fun and interactive way to taste and learn about the vast regions, grape varietals, and wine styles from across the world. At each tasting, you’ll gather around the table and be guided by one of our knowledgeable Wine Educators as they help you become an expert too! With limited spots available, avoid FOMO and grab your ticket(s) before they’re sold out. Only 12 spots available!

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