Francois Villard "l'appel des Sereines" Syrah

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In an area as historic and adored by the wine world as the Northern Rhone, legendary winemakers are not made overnight – to be dubbed one of the greats here takes more than a good vintage or two (or ten). Francois Villard was not born into one of the long-standing Rushmore wine families in this region – he began his career in restaurants where he caught the wine bug at a young age. By 1991 he had left the world of fine dining and was making wine full-time. Over the last 30+ years, Villard has emerged as a true Rhone champion. This “l’lappel des Serienes” Syrah is a spicy, earthy, red-fruited expression of the Northern Rhone and an excellent, classically styled entry point for those who want to learn more about this fantastic region’s wines and one of its most beloved characters.  

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