Dom. de Tournelle Vin Jaune

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One of the most exciting wine regions today, Jura is located between Burgundy and Switzerland, in eastern France. Home to Vin Jaune, one of the rarest French wines, it blows the minds of the sommeliers and wine geeks all over the world.   Made from 100% Savagnin, it opens up with nutty, spicy and salty notes—a perfect companion to hard cheeses and mushroom based dishes. The ageing process makes this wine especially unique. After fermentation, the wine is moved to large barrels, called “foudres,” and placed into a special Vin Jaune cave, where it spends the next 7 years. The barrels are never topped up and the wine becomes partially protected from oxidation by a thin veil of yeast, called locally 'voile' which is very similar to the flor in sherry.

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