Antonius Oscietra 6 Star Caviar 50 grams

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Oscietra Caviar comes from the Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) and is extracted from the oldest female sturgeon. It has a large pearl that ranges in color from grey to olive with golden highlights. It is delicate with a slightly nutty flavor and a smooth, buttery finish.

Antonius Caviar

After a two-year search, and countless caviar tastings, we are extremely excited to carry Antonius Caviar! Proudly produced in Poland, this Russian and Siberian sturgeon caviar impressed us not only for its taste, but for the exhaustive measures taken to breed each sturgeon. Coming from three farms in northern Poland, they have over 50 years of fish breeding experience and oversee every aspect of the sturgeon's life, which is extremely important for quality caviar.

Please allow 72 hours for all BRIX Boston caviar orders.

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