The August BRIX Six—Cocktail Hour!

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This month’s BRIX Six toasts to one of the most coveted hours in the day—the cocktail hour. If you’re home and dreaming of somewhere else, let these six wines transport you there... 

Pretend you’re in Italy and uncork our Tre Bicchieri Lambrusco with a board of Prosciutto and a hunk of Parmesan. Or maybe you’d rather imagine cocktail hour on the coast with a dozen fresh oysters. Our two whites from Portugal and France pair perfectly with those briny bivalves. Sometimes, “it’s five o’clock somewhere,” doesn’t start with food or at 5 o’clock at all. Just a cold glass of refreshing rosé on a hot afternoon does the trick. Pour a glass of our Austrian pink at the beach—it goes down easy (really, easy). And then there are those cocktail hours that turn into dinner. Toss our two reds from Italy and Spain into the cooler, get the charcoals going, and crack them open when they have a slight chill. Because for now, that’s all we can do, just chill. Happy Summer!

What is the BRIX Six?
It's the most sophisticated six-pack you'll ever drink. Reminiscent of the carrier milkmen used back in the day, our six packs hold a selection of wines to tempt any palate. Each of the wines in the six packs are handpicked and come with a "scroll" that tells you a little about each wine, where it's from, and offers food-pairing recommendations.

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